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I'll only look at you for the rest of my life.

Yoshitsune Minamoto is a prince, ninja and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja.


Yoshitsune is the prince of the well-known and respected Genji Clan. He is portrayed as gentle, considerate, reliable, and thoughtful to not only his subordinates, but to everyone. Subsequently, he is admired by many.

In Yoshitsune's early childhood, his father was killed by the Heishi and his mother sent him away from their home in order to hide and protect him. He eventually began living in the Kuramadera Temple where he met Sohma and developed a brother-like bond with him. He was raised as an heir to the Genji Clan and excelled in academics as well as martial arts.

He lives in a mansion located in the the capital which also serves as a secret base for the ninjas.




  • (To Benkei) "You must think about how to live in the future, not regret the past."[2]
  • "My hope is for a peaceful world where there will be no more children like me who don't know the love of a family."[3]


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