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Wakasa is a ninja and a potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.


On the surface, Wakasa is reliable, kind, and reserved. He has a respectable reputation among the townspeople who put great trust in his abilities as a doctor. Deep down, however, he is a sadist with a tendency to get excited over the idea of killing and may act impulsively when carrying out his missions as a ninja because of it. Wakasa is ashamed of such behavior and views himself as a pervert and "not a good man for loving anyone." As a result, he has had little experience in romantic relationships with women and is unsure of how to properly convey his feelings of love. In contrast to his perceived flaws, Wakasa has a gentle and thoughtful side to his personality which is demonstrated through how he reacts in situations where someone he cares for is in danger. He is also honest and will express his concerns when he feels the necessity to do so. Wakasa is very knowledgeable, but occasionally encounters something he knows little about. During those situations, he will put forth effort into learning more in order to gain a better understanding of what is unknown to him.


Wakasa character description (1)

Wakasa's character description.

Wakasa was raised in a small ninja village in the northern provinces. At a young age, he researched botany under the guidance of the village elders. One day, the village was attacked and Wakasa was the only one left to survive. He managed to escape by eliminating over ten of the culprits, which triggered his pleasure to kill. When Wakasa arrived in Edo, he met Kinshiro Toyama and was persuaded to become a part of Kinshiro's team of vigilantes. Kinshiro, who noticed Wakasa's affinity for medical studies, also helped to establish his day job as a doctor by giving him the opportunity to work as the apprentice of another doctor. Wakasa quickly became a master of the study of medicine.[1]

He is currently the town doctor at the Tsumori Clinic by day and a vigilante ninja by night. Wakasa applies his medical knowledge to his vigilante activity by using lethal injections rather than violent weapons to carry out his assassinations.


  • "The moment I saw you, I fell in love. It was totally love at first sight..."
  • "Of course I will protect you. I would lay down my life for you..."


  • He was introduced as a potential romance option on 10 August 2014 [2].


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