I love you. You could not imagine how much I love you.

Soji Sasaki is a ninja and a potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.

Soji works as a constable during the day, but is part of the secret group of vigilante ninjas. He is very dedicated to his job and strongly believes in justice.

He is a little shy, but is kind to every person he meets. The townspeople admire him greatly.

He appears to have shoulder-length black hair, crimson red-colored eyes, and pale skin with yellow undertones.


Soji grew up in a ninja village along with fellow vigilante member, Aoi. They trained together and began working together once they had become ninjas. Soji notes that they depended on each other, and were "inseparable".

While working as an assassin in the village, Soji began to have doubts about whether what he was doing was right, and felt as though he was being manipulated into acting as a "puppet". He decided to run away from the village, knowing that the punishment for doing so was death.

Aoi was sent to kill him, and Soji, not wanting to hurt Aoi, was eventually cornered. When Aoi hesitated before killing him, Soji suggested that they run away together. Aoi accepted, and together they fended off the assassin sent after them, ending up in Edo.

Here, Kinshiro discovers that Soji used to be a ninja, and recruits him into the vigilantes, followed by Aoi.