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Skeletiano is a skeleton and a potential romance option in The Niflheim+.


Skeletiano came into being when J.J. designed and built him into a lifelike automaton named Adam. Eventually, he and J.J. grew to become good friends. His original function was to hold a signboard in front of a theater and advertise the program being shown. One theater he was stationed at was engulfed in a fire that he couldn't escape from. Consequently, his elaborately constructed body was destroyed and reduced to mere bones.



Skeletiano's body largely resembles that of a human skeleton. The bones can be detached and reassembled repeatedly without impairing their ability to move. The various appearances of the rose in Skeletiano's rib cage and the cigar held by his left hand help to compensate for his reduced ability to express emotions caused by the absence of typical human facial features. As an avid reader of love stories, he is always shown holding a novel in his right hand. He is often seen sitting in his flying chair.


Skeletiano character description (1)

Skeletiano's character description

Skeletiano is very talkative and romantic. Although he is typically cheerful and dramatic, he is capable of being serious when the situation calls for it. He is also quite loyal and considerate.


  • "A love that surpasses species... How lovely."
  • "...Even if you hate me, I like you."
  • (To Leo) "Hm...It would do you good to have a more open mind. Your standards are too high. Couples live a happy life because they learn to love one another's flaws..."[2]


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