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Main character
Shin Shiranui
Shin - Character

Shin Shiranui is a demon and a potential romance option in Demons' Bond.

Known as the Living God of the Western Provinces, he is also a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance. Unlike any other clan, his is highly worshiped by humans.

He is considered the most elegant out of all of the characters. Despite his refined and elegant appearance, he is very forward with you. He also loves to deal out venomous quips, making it difficult to tell when he is truly serious. You might think he is teasing you at first, but you will notice the seriousness in his eyes along your journey with him.

Shin has long dark pink hair that is worn in a high ponytail, amber-colored eyes, and pale skin.


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  • Shin was introduced as a potential romance option on 28 July 2015.