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Main character
Senkimaru - Character
I’ll support you. If you don’t want to be seen, I won’t look at you... like this. So you don’t have to force yourself to return to your usual self.

Senkimaru is a demon and a potential romance option in Demons' Bond.

He is the head of the Hatsushimo Clan and is seeking to regain membership into the Ten-Demon Alliance. His clan was exiled from the alliance due to the crimes committed by their forefathers several centuries ago. He was shoulder-length white hair, turquoise-colored eyes, and pale skin.

Senkimaru is considered the most enigmatic out of all of the characters. He carries a chip on his shoulder and often looks down upon others. Although he has a sharp tongue, he cares deeply about his friends. He is very loyal and cannot abandon a companion, even if betrayed. Living a life of sorrow as the head of the "banished demons" allows him to be more empathetic. He secretly has a crush on Kazuya Yukimura.


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  • He was introduced as a potential romance option on 1 August 2015.