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Raymond is the hotel manager of Hotel Libra Sincera and a potential romance option in Blood in Roses+.

Raymond was the close friend of Harold during their past lives as humans. When Harold became the father of vampires, Raymond fell sick. Because of his closeness to Harold, Harold did not wish for Raymond to die. In result, Harold turned Raymond into his belonging.

When Hotel Libra Sincera was put into place, Raymond became manager.

Appereance|= Raymond possesses brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears a near butler suit,white gloves, and black leather shoes. When he is prepared for a fight, Raymond wears a long black cape. He owns a large sword that has a bright gold glow around it.


Harold | Raymond was very close to Harold, he has been loyal to him throughout Harold's life and even after he left the Hotel. After the death of Tatiana, Harold blamed Raymond for not intervening and left the Hotel. Raymond then, felt guilty and made sure to keep the hotel standing at all costs and carry out Harold's will and Tatiana' s wish.

Tatiana| Raymond was good friends with Harold's human lover Tatiana. He was told repeatedly by her to live out his life and he happy. Before Tatiana' s death, Raymond tried to intervene but failed to change her mind of going to the angry village. Ever since her death, he suffered from guilt and vowed to never have happiness since he 'stole' Harold and Tatiana's.


The relationship between Rupert and him is a mutual one. Though, He is the first person Rupert seeks advice from on Rupert's route. On Rupert's route, he had a battle with Rupert to defend the rose garden on the Farewell Ending (default ending).

Alfred| Raymond gave Alfred moral respect but had no true closeness to Alfred. Raymond keeps Alfred's temper in check and teaches him to smile and be polite to Bridget. (A little girl who is the one of the Hotel's best patron, she is in love with Alfred.)

Jack| Raymond shows clear distaste towards Jack, on his route he warned the Heroine that Jack has some mental issues. Raymond gives Jack harsh punishments everyday for slacking or misbehaving. He did once in his route mention that Jack's cooking makes a good reputation for the hotel.

Humphrey| Humphrey is Raymond's old friend as well as Harold's and Tatiana' s. Raymond still holds a grudge on Humphrey because Humphrey couldn't help Harold raise Tatiana from the dead due to a promise he made with her. Raymond also bickered time to time with Humphrey making spells for the Heroine during his route. As well as flirting with her multiple times. Raymond also has bitter feelings of Humphrey's promiscuous games on the female hotel guests.

The Heroine| Raymond shows a harsh and bossy personality with the Heroine in the Begining of his route. He was very relunctant to protect her from the vampire brothers. Though, throughout the story he starts to fall in love with her but deeply denied it because of the will and his guilt. But the Heroine snapped him out of his guilt and self punishment making him freely love her. On many spin offs and events, he is very protective of her well being and will kill a hotel guest who comes to harm her. On many routes other than his, he kept her at a professional distance. On Humphrey's route he did show signs of a friendlier tone as well as he did in Cedric's when he made many attempts to warn and protect her. Once, In Dominic' s route, he attempted to kill the Heroine out of anger and fear of Rosapast wilting and running away. Which was prevented when Spade as a cat intervened his attempted murder.



  • Raymond was introduced as a potential romance option on 26 January 2016.[1]
  • Raymond drinks warm milk when he can't sleep because his mother used to do so when he was a child
  • Raymond can play the violin
  • loves strong willed woman
  • Used to be human


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