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Pale Ghost is a ghost and potential romance option in The Niflheim+.


Nick wears a large white, black, and orange scarf which also functions as a hood that conceals most of his facial features. He has golden eyes and short black hair. He has pale, almost light-grey skin. Black gloves are worn on both of Nick's hands.

Prior to Chapter 8 Episode 4 of Nick's Main Story, he was transparent and only visible to you. Afterwards, he becomes visible to all of Niflheim.


Nick has low self-esteem and is largely pessimistic. He fears loneliness, but he also does not want to be a burden to anybody. Nick's expectations of others are low and he sometimes feels unworthy of kindness from others. His lack of social experience causes him to be a little awkward and shy around new people.

Although Nick is generally apprehensive of others, he is fearlessly brave when it comes to defending the people he loves. He is willing to sacrifice himself for your sake. Nick is more comfortable with expressing his feelings when you are with him. Eventually he learns to be more open-minded as you expose him to the positive aspects of the world.


Although he is referred to as Pale Ghost, his name is Nick. Nick died on January 1st and has existed since the creation of the Kingdom of Niflheim. At one point, he and Jean were once one being. Upon splitting into two separate bodies, the kingdoms of Niflheim and Helheim were created. When Nick left Helheim to enter The Niflheim, the Helheim Nick formed and eventually developed an entirely different personality than the original Nick.

Before meeting you, Nick wandered The Niflheim in complete solitude, without anyone to socialize with because of his invisibility. The large amount of time he spent exploring has allowed him to be very knowledgeable of The Niflheim and its people.


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  • Pale Ghost was introduced as a potential romance option on 28 January 2015 [1].


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