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My Sweet Prince
My Sweet Prince
Release date 11 October 2011
Rated Everyone (10+)

My Sweet Prince is a romance novel game developed by NTT Solmare. The game was released on iPhone and Android on 11 October 2011 worldwide.


You travel abroad for the first time. Right after you are stepping in the country, you are ordered by someone and taken to a palace! And you end up with an unbelievable situation - you have to choose the next king from a few princes! Those handsome princes will make your heart beat faster! Now who will you choose?


Major characters

My Sweet Prince characters
  • Lambert: He has the noble gentility air around him. But actually, he is very patriotic and always trying to be an exemplary member of the royal family, which leads to being labeled as cold-heartedness.
  • Alvah: Alvah is a cheerful prince. He's warm like the sun. He makes friends easily, which makes him fairly popular. Sometimes, he doesn't know how to act his age. Even though he is sad, he never shows his weakness.
  • Chezem: He doesn’t like people and noise very much, so he tends to stay in his room. He gets very adamant about things that interest him, and sometimes even loses sight of his surroundings. He is a bit of a scholarly type and has an inquiring mind.
  • Nagit: He is the youngest prince, and very much loved by his brothers. He may be the youngest, but he acts older than his age. Perhaps he is even more mature than his older brothers. He has a pure heart and takes things seriously.
  • Jun: He excels in both academic and martial arts. He has his fair share of political wits and knows how not to get noticed by his environment. He is calm and collected. He knows what he's doing at the right time. He is determined and persistent. If he is aiming for something, he obtains it at all costs.
  • Melchiorre: He is the eldest prince in the family. He is caring and always puts his family first. He likes to help those in need and always seen as a good adviser. His kindness demeanor has won him many girls’ hearts. Being the eldest son, Melchiorre is said to be the closest to the throne. But he is not interested in taking over the most powerful seat in the country.
  • Ivan: An extremely distinguished gentleman and butler at the royal palace. He never shows fear or trepidation at anything and always remains calm, making the perfect butler imaginable. Everyone working at the palace receives his strict leadership, but he is also very strict towards himself. He is highly trusted by the king and the princes.

Secondary characters

  • King Tamir: The womanizing king and father of the princes.
  • Balam: A minister who is constantly scheming to seize power.
  • Falitna: Minister Balam's daughter and the fianceé of the prince who is given the bracelet and becomes king.


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