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Seanwhite is a potential romance option in My Fairy Tales and My Fairy Tales+.

Chapter 1

Coming soon...

Chapter 2

Episode 4

Coming soon...

Episode 7

  1. "Yes, because you said you like apples." (Happiness increases!)
  2. "What are you talking about?"

Chapter 3

Episode 5

  1. "Yes, that's good."
  2. "You don't need to hold on so tight." (Happiness increases!)

Episode 7

  1. "Feed yourself."
  2. "Um, okay." (Happiness increases!)

Chapter 4

Episode 4

  1. "You're right." (Happiness increases!)
  2. It's not a date!

Episode 6

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Brush his hand away. (Happiness increases!)

Chapter 5

Episode 2

You must pass the Gate of Fortune Telling in order to proceed! (You must use 1 power to pull a card from the deck. You may pass through the gate if you pull out the Card of the Sun. There is a 25% success rate.)