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Lost Island
Lost Island
Release date 30 March 2014
Rated Teen (12+)

Lost Island is an interactive romance novel developed and published by NTT Solmare. The game was released on Apple and Android devices worldwide on 30 March 2014.


Aoishima is a small, tranquil nondescript island abundant with nature. The islanders were living happily and peacefully... until one day...

A group of researchers are excitedly talking outside of a cave on the island. "The instrument started moving," one proclaims. "The reaction is even stronger in this area," he continues. "This must be the place," another states. "Prepare the gas masks." They enter the cave to discover something they refer to as XH.

You are admiring the weather and scenery as you head toward the island by boat. You are a researcher, being relocated to Aoshima to begin working at a new institute. The fisherman starts to converse with you, warning you that there aren't many places to sight-see on the island. "I'm not going as a tourist," you explain. "I came for work." The fisherman asks if you are a researcher. "I am. How did you know?"

"The laboratory is famous in the area," he explains. "Be careful. Researchers are not welcomed on the island by the islanders." Confused, you ask him to elaborate. "I'm not an islander, so I don't know a lot. When XH was discovered, the government wanted to build a research institute. It caused a lot of trouble between the government and islanders..."

A government official begins to address a group of islanders in a meeting room. "This new energy source, extrahydrade, or XH, is the discovery of the century. We would like to construct a laboratory on the island in order to research this energy." The room was filled with questions and rebuttals, some asking where they would build such an elaborate laboratory. "Do not worry," the government official continues. "We plan to build it halfway up Mount Aoishi." Another government official begins to speak. "It is close to where the energy source was discovered and should not disturb you." Again, the room is filled with objections. "Now now, there is no need for anger. It's for the future of our country. We will also pay the utmost caution to not disturb the environment during construction. We will do our best to not discharge any waste that could harm the surrounding areas during our research as well."

Just then, an elder speaks. "You shall not go near Mount Aoshi. You will invoke the wrath of the gods!" The government officials dismiss the idea. "You people are ignorant. Misfortune will befall you." They continue to dismiss the elder as other islanders demand that they return to the mainland.

"Even after that," the fisherman continues, "there was a lot of conflict because of the construction. In the end, the government allegedly paid the islanders to keep them silent. I don't know if that's true, but construction began. It was finished without incident, although I did hear a scary rumor. Since they began construction, many of the workers have disappeared. The islanders say it's a curse, but it was probably a rumor started to protest against the construction." You look uneasy and he asks if you are upset.

You insist that you're fine. "I just didn't know anything about the island where I'm being relocated to, so I'm glad you told me." As you thank him for his help, the boat approaches the island. Shivers run down your spine at the sight of the unbelievably beautiful island. Although you weren't sure why, you certainly felt afraid.

You step off the boat and stood on the shore. Glancing around at your surroundings, you wonder where the laboratory is located. You call out to a man wandering by, hoping to ask for directions. The man doesn't recognize you and asks if you're from the mainland. You nod and explain that you're a researcher. An unpleasant expression crosses the mans face. He shouts at you, demanding that you leave the island, and leaves. "I just arrived and someone has already demanded that I leave," you think to yourself. "I agreed to come as soon as I heard about the discovery of the new energy source, but I wonder if I can survive on this island."

A man calls your name, and that's when you first meet him. The two of you would later get involved in a terrible incident...


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