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Lionel Saito is a potential romance option in Lost Island and Lost Island+. He works as a security guard at the research institute on the island of Aoshima.



Lionel is Japanese-American and has short dark brown hair, light green eyes, and a natural beige skin tone.


His experience in warfare fostered his knowledge and affinity for weapons and survival skills. Lionel frequently works out and stresses the role that fitness plays in being more physically prepared for any situation. Although he is strong and manly, he is usually a very calm person and adept at maintaining his composure. He is very loyal and fiercely protective, ensuring your safety at all times. He's also a very good cook, stating that it's important to know how to do so for survival.

Lionel is perceptive of not only his surroundings, but of others' emotions as well. When it comes to his own feelings of affection and jealousy, however, he may try to hide them behind jokes and pretend to be oblivious in order to prevent them from being too obvious.


The strength of your body is the accumulation of your daily efforts. But the same can't be said for the strength of your spirit. No matter how strong your body is, if your spirit doesn't match it, it's meaningless. Whether you are protecting yourself, or someone else, it's always the ones with strong spirits that survive. That's how it is on the battlefield.


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