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Main character
Kotaro Fuma
Kotaro Fuma
Occupation Fūma clan
Height 186cm/6'1"
It is my job to protect you, princess... I am ready to sacrifice my life for you.

Kotaro Fuma (小太郎 風魔 Fūma Kotarō) is a ninja and a potential romance option in Ninja Love and Ninja Love+.

Kotaro Fuma is based off of Fūma Kotarō, a leader of the ninja Fūma clan during the Sengoku era of Japan. Fūma Kotarō was the fifth and best known of the Fūma clan leaders.

A popular story says that in 1596, Fūma Kotarō was responsible for the death of Hattori Hanzō, who the character Hanzo Hattori is based off of; a famous ninja in the service of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan. Hanzō had tracked him down in the Inland Sea, but Kotarō succeeded in luring him into a small channel, where a tide trapped the Tokugawa gunboats and his men then set fire to the channel with oil.[1]


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  • In various works of fiction, Fūma Kotarō is often depicted as Hattori Hanzō's arch-rival.
  • In a folk legend, he is portrayed as an inhuman figure: a monstrous giant (216 cm tall), supposedly part-oni (ogre) with inverted eyes. [2]
  • As the name Fūma literally means "wind demon", Fūma Kotarō's depiction is frequently more flamboyant, fantastical, and sometimes even demonic.


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