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Kikyo is a samurai and a potential romance option from Destiny Ninja 2+.

Kikyo was born on November 16th[1] to the chieftain of Autumn Village and a mother of unknown status. His partner from the same village is Rindoh. Kikyo is the descendant of Lord Goyo, a legendary ninja from the mainland and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja.

Kikyo is portrayed as honest, gentle, and caring. He sees the others as inferior and of no use. He believes he is strong enough to protect you himself. He is usually is the first one to start a fight, He appreciates honesty and intimacy, as seen by his reactions upon a straightforward and/or romantic response from you. He has short black hair, narrow blue eyes, and a pale ivory skin tone. He carries a sheathed katana draped across his back.



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