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What? Are you scared of me?

Jack is a chef and a potential romance option in Blood in Roses+. He is the Chef de Cuisine at Hotel Libra Sincera.

Jack is described as eccentric and quirky. In fact, despite his fantastic reputation as a chef, he is regularly scolded by Raymond due to his frivolous behavior and work attitude.

He is also best friends with Daniel, because both he and Daniel are vampire hunters and werewolves.



  • (To Daniel) "I know it's natural to be afraid of being different, but ya don't have to be afraid that much...I know you're afraid of getting insane and messing something up with your power, but I'll be by your side, y'know? I'll help ya if you get crazy. I'll always be around. Wouldn't everything be okay, then?"[1]


  • Jack was introduced as a potential romance option on 9 August 2015.


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