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Ichika is the heroine's childhood friend and a potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.


Ichika has light brown hair and light brown eyes. He is younger in comparison to other characters in the game and has a youthful appearance. Other characters, such as Aoi, have described him as short and lacking masculinity. Consequently, his authority as an assistant constable is sometimes dismissed and he may fail to intimidate criminals. When he is in combat, he uses a jitte (usually described as nightstick in the game) as a weapon.


Ichika is an assistant constable and detective who resides in the South Ward of Edo. He often works alongside Soji Sasaki during the day when they are investigating a crime. Ichika looks up to Soji because he saved him from a conflict involving street thugs.

Ichika was born to a mother and a father who is a firefighter. His parents' names, however, are not mentioned. Ichika has been friends with Yui Takao, the heroine, since early childhood because of the friendship between their fathers. He considers Yui to be as close as a sister and thus, is protective of her.

Ichika is often in the presence of the vigilantes due to his work with Soji, but is unaware of their true identities with the exception of his own route and some spin-offs in which he joins forces with them.



  • Ichika was introduced as a potential romance option on 18 February 2015. [1]


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