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Hotaka is a ninja and potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.


Hotaka appears to have slightly wavy hair that is the length of his chin. It is a hot pink color with white highlights. His eyes are hot pink, matching his hair, and he has pale skin.


Hotaka is a very talented and popular kabuki actor. He has a fairly large female fanbase and is recognized by those who have viewed his performances. His father was also a kabuki actor and troupe member at the same kabuki theater that he currently performs at. In Hotaka's early childhood, both his mother and father died during an epidemic. Sion's father, Master Iseya, who was a friend of his parents, then took him in and raised him. Since then, Hotaka has been close to the Iseya family and is a good friend of Sion's.



  • "We live and interact with people all day...only to hide away and avoid them at night. I suspect the reason for our day jobs and those interactions is to prove to ourselves that we're still alive. Having someone they care about is probably the last thing a vigilante needs. What they do for a living doesn't allow for kindness. Yet love is all about showing kindness to other people... That's probably why I'm not stupid enough to give up on love."


  • Hotaka was introduced as a potential romance option on 03 December 2014 [1].


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