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Main character
Goemon Ishikawa
Goemon Ishikawa
Occupation Iga ninja
Height 185cm/6'1"

Goemon Ishikawa (五右衛門石川 Ishikawa Goemon) is a ninja and a potential romance option in Ninja Love and Ninja Love+.

Goemon Ishikawa is based off of the semi-legendary outlaw hero, Ishikawa Goemon, who stole gold and valuables to give to the poor. [1] He is most notable for being boiled alive along with his son in front of the main gate of Nanzen-ji in Kyoto after a failed assassination attempt on the Sengoku era warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Although Goemon Ishikawa is known as an excellent ninja with an unmatched skill set, Ishikawa Goemon's ninja skills are very often considered greatly exaggerated.

Goemon is known as a womanizer. His casual advances towards you only solidifies that notion.


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  • There is little historical information on Goemon's life, and as he has become a folk hero, his background and origins have been widely speculated and debated upon.


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