Destiny Ninja
Destiny Ninja
Release date 18 July 2013
Rated Teen (12+)

Destiny Ninja is an interactive romance novel developed and published by NTT Solmare. The game was released on Apple and Android devices worldwide on 18 July 2013.


You wake up in the middle of a raging battlefield between the Taira clan and the Minamoto clan and realize you have lost your memories. A ninja appears before you and quickly takes you to safety. He offers to protect you, despite the lack of your identity. As you progress further into your adventure and regain your memories, you begin to develop feelings of love for the ninja who rescued you. Threatening enemies emerge, looking for knowledge that only you have but cannot remember. What will you do to overcome these obstacles in your quest for love?


Main Characters

Destiny Ninja Chibi Characters

He is the son of the Fire Village chieftain and a ninja working under Yoshitsune. Although Enya is of high-status, he is a hard worker and an excellent warrior. He is dependable as a ninja, but he tends to be lewd and confident when it comes to women.


He fronts as a respectful gentleman to his master, but he is actually malicious and sadistic. Hyuga was born into a family of farmers and was raised in the Fire Village where he became a ninja. He has a secret that he cannot tell anyone about.

Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa

He is the son of the Wind Village chieftain and always acts in the best interest of his village. Kazemasa is highly respected and very honorable. He knows how to maintain focus on his objectives, making him a reliable ninja.


Because of his cheerful personality Hyosuke is well-liked. He was adopted into the Water Village as a child and grew up to become a ninja. Despite his geniality, few are aware of his actual circumstances.


His gentle kindness resembles that of a big brother. Sometimes he is stern, but that is one of Sohma's most attractive qualities. Like you, he lacks memories of his past. In his childhood, he sustained an injury that resulted in the installment of an artificial right hand.


He is a quiet, but mysterious ninja from the Water Village. Mizuki rarely shows emotion, making him appear as cold-hearted. In actuality, he is kind and considerate. His moments of vulnerability are a part of his charm. His eyes are two different colors.

Benkei Musashibo

He is a rough and ill-mannered monk. Benkei devoted his loyalty to Yoshitsune because of his respect for Yoshitsune's kind personality. Often times, he is reckless but in the presence of a woman, he is careful and shy.

Yoshitsune Minamoto

He is the chieftain of the Genji clan. Yoshitsune has a reputation as a good leader and is loved by all because he treats everyone with kindness. He is highly respected and admired by the members of his clan. Ever since childhood, Yoshitsune was aware of his position as a future leader and showed no signs of weakness, but even he has flaws.


He is originally from the Continent and traveled to Japan, but his motives for doing so are a mystery. Goyo trained to become a ninja and learned his ninja techniques after he met Yoshitsune. He is constantly troubled by the reason why he must return to the Continent.

Noritsune Taira

He is a general of the Taira Clan, the rival of Yoshitsune's clan. Noritsune is intelligent and highly skilled in the military arts. He is determined to take you with him and away from Yoshitsune's clan. Somehow, you and he are connected by the past.


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