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Daniel is a werewolf, vampire hunter, and potential romance option in Blood in Roses+.


Initially, Daniel appears to be cold and a man of few words. He is generally focused and logical, but has a side of himself that is unexpectedly clumsy. He is prone to getting lost easily in the Hotel Libra Sincera because of his poor sense of direction. Daniel always has an enormous appetite and loves to eat the food that his childhood friend, Jack, makes. He is often teased in a friendly manner by Jack for those reasons, but has enjoyed his company since childhood. Daniel is passionate, protective, and genuinely cares about the people he holds dear to him. Fear of harming others causes him to isolate himself in the forest during the period of time where he becomes a potentially dangerous wolf. He despises himself for his lack of control when he fully transforms, but is encouraged by Jack to view his strength as a powerful gain.


Daniel is a werewolf and transforms into a wolf upon the arrival of a full moon. He hides himself in a forest for the sake of others he may potentially harm and for the purpose of concealing his true identity.

Long ago, he met Jack, another werewolf and vampire hunter, while he was hunting in solitude. He realized that Jack was following him and treated Jack as a possible enemy. Jack, however, complimented him and insisted on joining forces in order to hunt vampires more efficiently. Since then, Daniel and Jack have been very close friends.

Daniel has been a guest at Hotel Libra Sincera for many years. Since werewolves are the natural enemy of vampires and thus, not welcome in the hotel managed by vampires, he must disguise himself as a vampire using False Mist when in public. His primary motive was to wait for an opportunity to kill Alfred and Rupert so that he may obtain and sell their blood which contains invaluable healing properties. While he was in the rose garden in the forest, he heard cries from the roses that descended from Rosapast, the will left behind by Tatiana in the form of a single rose and the source of power for Hotel Libra Sincera. They urged him to save Rosapast, which is located in a secret area within the hotel, so that the hotel could be saved from destruction. Because of this encounter, Daniel is also in search of the hotel's Rose Garden in order to find Rosapast and restore her power.



  • (While drying his hair) “You want to pet my ears, don't you?”


  • Daniel was introduced as a potential romance option on 30 September 2015 [1].


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