• Aiwethryne

    My Rants Begin

    June 21, 2016 by Aiwethryne

    SWD: Oz+'s "Loving Nip to Your Lip" event ended over half an hour ago. I really enjoyed the stories within the stories. Gothic tragedy is far more appealing than aspects of The Wizard of Oz.

    I was so positive that I could finish it within a six-hour timespan, but my screenshot backups went badly both half a day and five hours ago. This is what I get for only starting to read an event story while making screenshots of it in the last four hours of its release period. I do this so many times in so many events of so many games. It is ridiculous. Half the time I do not even read an event and only make screenshots that I, to this day, have not gotten around to reading.

    SO close to full-clearing! Five more minutes. Supposing I had enough event point…

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  • Aiwethryne


    June 14, 2016 by Aiwethryne

    I am such an achievement hunter, creating a blog post for that purpose.

    I am so used to BBCode and having all the user access in the world, so joining a site where I am just a random member... will change. It always does. Well, I suppose that I should be called a newb when it comes to wikis. I never cared to join these types of sites because there was nothing I ever wanted to add. And I joined today. If I were not so neurotic about time stamps being on even numbers, I would have joined whenever the whim struck.

    I am almost finished playing Wizardess Heart's Leon's route and could totally have just bought the rest of the Story Tickets I needed the minute of his release, but I feel too lazy to battle over and over for enough Magic Grade. Rathe…

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  • Chiisai-kami


    January 2, 2016 by Chiisai-kami

    Apparently people have been having a hard time trying to get all the endings on War of Prayers because of the lack of complete walkthroughs. Luckily, I FINALLY finished Liam's walkthrough earlier tonight! I actually finished his Prayer Maiden Ending a while ago and didn't plan on doing the walkthrough until later, but I while I was on Tumblr looking at otome-related stuff I noticed that there weren't any walkthroughs for his Alone Together Ending. save our fellow players the trouble of spending hours playing the same guy's route over and over again and trying out all the possible choice combinations just to get that one particular ending, I did it myself so they (hopefully) don't have to. It took forever and I probably should've been…

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