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Main character
Gender Male
Occupation Hairdresser (by day)

Vigilante (by night)

Likes Beautiful Hair

Making hairpins

Dislikes Aggressive Women
Hobbies Doing Hair
Family Sister (appears in spin-off)
I will never let you get away.

Aoi is a ninja and a potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.


Aoi is a little frivolous when you first meet him, but he happens to have a very sharp tongue. He's considered a realist, although he is terrified of ghosts and haunting stories. He is quick to be sarcastic and is sometimes harsh, but has a side of himself that is protective and gentle.


Aoi is a hairdresser from the Southern Ward and his clients are primarily courtesans during the day and prostitutes at night. He has the reputation of being skilled at creating elaborate hairstyles and using makeup to beautify women. In secret, he is also one of the ninja vigilantes working under Kinshiro Toyama, magistrate of the Southern Ward. Aoi and Soji Sasaki, another member of the vigilante organization, have remained close friends since their earlier years. Aoi is very popular among women, especially the prostitutes of the Red Light District, but initially has no interest in being involved in a serious relationship because he ffearsthat doing so would expose his loved ones to the dangers that result from his vigilante work.


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